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Unshackle Workbook

Unshackle Workbook

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Would you like to find the pathway to freedompeace and contentment by unshackling your self-worth from your productivity and achievements?
The Unshackle Workbook will inspire you to break free of the hindrances holding you back from the call on your life.
You’ll learn:

  • How to stop creating your identity out of others’ opinions of you as a super achiever

  • How to break free of the lies and bondage of your heart, and find your identity in what God says about you

  • How to simplify your day, heart, mind and house

  • How to stop obsessing over how much you get done and the always unfinished to-do lists

  • How to break the addiction to busyness and become effective instead—turning your life of productivity into a life of Impactivity

This workbook is jam-packed with practical wisdom, exercises to walk you through a process of escaping overwhelm and simplifying your life, and hands-on advice for how to pursue the Adventure you were made for.
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