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Theft on the Nile

Theft on the Nile

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​​​​​​​As a university math professor, Audrey knows how to solve problems. But the one problem she can’t solve? The whereabouts of her brother, missing for seven months.

When a vintage travel poster advertising a Nile riverboat cruise—tacked up in the back hall of the restaurant where her brother was last seen—reveals a startling anomaly, Audrey stumbles into an adventure too classic to be real, but too real to be a dream.

Now she’s trying to rescue her brother, return a stolen Egyptian artifact, and solve a murder, all while navigating the unfamiliar world of Egypt one hundred years in the past.

Sure, she wants to get home. But danger, mystery, and a dash of romance—who could resist?

An edge-of-your-seat short story from bestselling author Tracy Higley.

For a page-turning full length time travel series set in Egypt, see A Time to Seek.

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