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So Shines the Night (paperback)

So Shines the Night (paperback)

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The darkness has found her again.

Daria’s new position, as a language tutor to the wealthy and charming merchant Lucas, takes her to the dazzling city of Ephesus on the Aegean coast.

But behind the beauty, the city churns with evil and violence.

A collision is coming, between the high priests of Artemis, the sorcerers who pursue arcane knowledge, and a new movement called The Way.

Daria longs to remain apart, safe from the evil she barely escaped in the past.

But Lucas treads dangerous ground, pulled into the sorcery invading the streets of the city and claiming the lives of young women.

Now Daria must seek help from the only people who seem able to defeat the city’s dark forces, before the man she is beginning to care for is destroyed.

But what secrets will the light reveal?

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