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Pyramid of Secrets (paperback)

Pyramid of Secrets (paperback)

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Secrets can be deadly.

A killer prowls the sands of the unfinished Great Pyramid, and only one man can stop him.

Egypt’s Grand Vizier, Hemi, orders his life with justice, truth, and the precision needed to engineer the pyramid he’s been tasked to build for his cousin and childhood companion, Pharaoh Khufu.

But when Hemi’s overseer and closest friend is found murdered in Khufu’s slaughterhouse, distrust grows between them and chaos threatens the project.

As the body count rises around Khufu’s Great Pyramid, Hemi must confront long-buried secrets…

Secrets of that day, years ago, when seven of them trekked into the Delta marshes—and only six returned.

Will Hemi be able to stop the Scourge of Anubis? Or will the truth destroy them all?

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