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Nightfall in the Garden of Deep Time (Kindle and ePub)

Nightfall in the Garden of Deep Time (Kindle and ePub)

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You're invited…
to a timeless party in a Secret Garden.

Expect to come back transformed.

Kelsey Willoughby doesn’t have time to pursue her writing dreams. Imagination doesn’t pay the bills, and she’s busy saving her beautiful bookshop from online competition, hotel developers, and the sneaking suspicion that nobody reads anymore.

Not to mention all those voices telling her she doesn’t have talent.

But then the vacant lot of weeds next door starts to shimmer.

When Kelsey stumbles into a luminous nighttime garden party, larger than the vacant lot that holds it and filled with enigmatic guests, she suspects they hold the key to saving the bookshop, and perhaps even to her own mysterious origins.

But answers aren’t forthcoming, not until Kelsey is willing to confront her past, step into her potential, and push deeper into the unknown edges of the garden, where an unexpected journey takes her into a world of dangerous revelation.

~With evocative prose and a deeply-embedded mystery, Nightfall in the Garden of Deep Time immerses readers in a delicious adventure of creativity and the arts.  A must-read for anyone pursuing a creative life.

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