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Impactivity - paperback

Impactivity - paperback

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What if you’re working hard on all the wrong things?

You want to make a difference in the world and live a life of impact… but what if you’re working hard on all the wrong things? 

Impactivity will take you deep into discovering God’s call for your life – the dream He’s placed within you and the unique adventure He’s calling you to live.

A life of Impactivity is more than mere productivity; it’s a busy life of purpose that is also balanced and joyful. Whether you’re struggling to know what’s next for you, or trying to figure out how to do it all without burning out, Impactivity will both teach and inspire you to discover the dream that is calling, and to pursue it with passion, balance, and joy. Business women and entrepreneurs will find encouragement, community, and practical help within its pages.

Impactivity is a concept, a book, and further resources... to help you discover the Dream that God is giving you, get free to follow it, design a strategy for it, and then build a healthy live of work, rest, and relationships.

You'll find more Impactivity Resources for purchase on this site as well as other free resources, like blogs posts and audio, on the Impactivity website.

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