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Group Retreat Guide

Group Retreat Guide

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Want to get away with friends for an amazing few days?

When was the last time you took a couple of days with a group of women, and really went deep into meaningful conversation and encouragement?

The Group Retreat Guide is the “leader’s guide” to planning and leading a group through a time apart to share, read, pray, and plan.

Your retreat guide makes space for both introverts and extroverts, and gives you time for fun and goofing off as well as deep thinking and sharing of your dreams.

The group retreat guide contains everything you need to plan ahead and help make it happen, including an “invitation” you can copy or modify to send to potential attendees.

Your retreat guide will give you the confidence to easily lead this time away.

There are questions for discussion, exercises to walk through together and on your own, and sections to read together.

You’ll return from your time with a bond you didn’t have before you left, and the tools you need to keep supporting and encouraging each other’s dreams into the future.

*Note: please encourage each retreat attendee to read Impactivity: What if You're Working Hard on all the Wrong Things? before your time together. It's a short, easy book and will form the basis for your discussions and reflection.

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