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Garden of Madness (paperback)

Garden of Madness (paperback)

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Will she risk herself—to save her kingdom?

Seven years, she has waited.

Since her treaty marriage at a young age, the Babylonian princess Tiamat has lived the opulent, and yet oppressive, life of the palace.

And for seven years, her father, the mad king Nebuchadnezzar, has lived as a beast, hidden away to prowl his luxurious Hanging Gardens.

But when Tia’s husband dies, the powerful mage Shadir plots to expose the family’s secret and set his own man on the throne. And a nobleman’s macabre death suggests a dark force is at work in the palace.

Now Tia must enlist the help of a reluctant Jewish captive, her late husband’s brother, a man who denounces her notions of the gods, even as he challenges her heart.

But does madness run in the family?

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